Psalm 22:16-17 For dogs have compassed me: The assembly of the wicked have enclosed me: They pierced my hands and my feet. I may tell all my bones: They look and stare upon me. 

“Beware of Dogs, evil workers, and mutilators of the flesh” (Philippians 3:2); they are all around us seeking to devour the saints of God. 

What is a dog? Here are three definitions according to the scripture. 

  • H3611: keleb – Means to yelp, or else to attack, a dog, a pagan sacrifice or a male prostitute. 
  • G2952: kynarion – Means a little dog (puppy) 
  • G2965: kyōn  – Means a man of impure mind, an impudent man 

Dogs are domesticated animals; a domestic animal is a group of animals that have been selectively bred over thousands of years for specific traits or characteristics. Dogs were first domesticated perhaps as far back as 12,000 years ago. Because dogs are the only animals to bark, they became useful for hunting and herding. However, in this teaching, we will focus on dogs’ spiritual nature and characteristics. 

In Psalms, we learn we are encircled by dogs daily, and this is why we are warned to be cautious and alert at all times. 1st Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.

When we read about dogs, it’s never in a good perspective in the Bible. Dogs (in the Bible) are considered unclean, evil, and unholy. We are warned if we go back to our old sins, we are like a “dog who returns to its vomit. “2nd Peter 2:22 

Word of Agreement:

  • Matthew 12:36-37’But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words, thou shalt be condemned. ‘

In our society, it is common for a woman to refer to herself as a b***h! When a man is sleeping around, he is called a dog. Everyone has fallen into the trap of calling themselves a dog/dawg/b***h or referring to others around them as a dog. Life and death are in the power of the tongue; we can either speak life or death. 

Either way, the words we speak bring agreement with that spirit. If we call ourselves or others a dog, we agree with the spirit of a dog over their life. How can two walk together except they agree?

  • Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it and indulge it will eat its fruit and bear the consequences of their words.
  • Amos 3:3  Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

B***h (slang – Wikipedia) The term b***h means a female dog. Its original use as a vulgarism carried a meaning suggesting high sexual desire in a womancomparable to a dog in heat. The range of meanings has expanded in modern usage (such as when applied to a man). In a feminist context, it can indicate a strong or assertive woman and has therefore been reappropriated by some women. 

There may also be a connection between less literal senses of “b***h” and the Greek goddess Artemis. As she is the goddess of the hunt, she was often portrayed with a pack of hunting dogs and sometimes transformed into an animal herself.[11] She was seen as free, vigorous, cold, impetuous, unsympathetic, wild, and beautiful.[12] 

Hip Hop & the female dog: The term B***h has evolved through hip-hop music, feminism, and the lies of Satan. Women now believe this term is endearing; when referring to themselves as a b***h, they think she is strong, assertive, and successful. As a result, Trina, Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, and many other celebrities have used this word as something appealing. 

The term B***h is not a term of endearment but a term of debasement. Debasement means degrading, devaluing, demeaning, and cheapening something in quality or value. In short, calling ourselves or others a dog means we have discredited the value of that person and ourselves; this brings disgrace, dishonor, and shame, causing humiliation.  

The hire of a dog:

Deuteronomy 23:17-18 There shall be no cult prostitute among the daughters of Israel, nor shall there be a cult prostitute (a sodomite) among the sons of Israel. You shall not bring the wages of a prostitute or the price of a dog [that is, a male prostitute] into the house of the Lord your God as payment for any vow, for both of these [the gift and the giver] are utterly repulsive to the Lord your God. 

Someone with the nature of a dog cannot be loyal. Loyalty and love are in Jesus Christ. A whore/prostitute cannot be loyal because they are unfaithful to God. In Proverbs, as we read about the strange woman, she forgot about the God of her youth; we learn she is disloyal to her husband as well. She roams the street looking for a man without understanding. She’s like a wild donkey sniffing in the wind (JER 2)

Many people have stated they’d prefer someone similar to the strange woman. They call her A Lady in the street, but a freak in the sheet” she is double-minded. She has the nature of a dog (freak) in bed. Still, she portrays herself as meek and innocent in front of others; this is only a false personality. In the book of James, we learn that a double-minded man is unstable in all of their ways. James 1:8 Since this type of lady is unstable; she can’t be a “loyal freak.” 

Freak defined: a person or animal having physical oddity and appearing in a circus sideshow. Slang- a sexual deviate 

The sexual deviation is another term for sexual perversion; this is any sexual behavior that is regarded as different from the established standards. Perversion is the alteration from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of original intent. 

The Perverse Spirit: The perverse spirit perverts everything. In the garden with Adam & Eve, the serpent caused them to become altered from the original course God had intended for them. The serpent brought forth corruption through sin to cause them to experience spiritual death, which separated them from God.

Lust is what made Eve desire the forbidden fruit, lust was conceived in her, which brought forth sin, and when that sin was finished, it brought forth death James 1:15. 

The serpent lied and told Eve, “you surely shall not die” Gen 3

Anything spoken contrary to the truth is a perversion; when we believe anything contrary to sound doctrine, it is a perversion. The goal of the perverse spirit is to turn everything upside down (calling good evil and evil good), further separating us from God. 

There is nothing good about being a sexual deviate or a freak; this means you are perverse.

In Deuteronomy 23, we are warned about bringing in the hire of a prostitute, sodomite, and dog in the house of God. Therefore, God will exclude these spirits from his assembly. 

The spirit of a dog breeds sodomy through sexual perversion and uncleanness. The manifestations of the dog spirit are: 

  • sexual uncleanness
  • masturbation
  • whoredoms/prostitution
  • fornication
  • homosexuality
  • lesbianism
  • bestiality 
  • sexual fantasies and pornography
  • sexual dreams
  • pedophilia
  • polygamy
  • Sodomy (oral/anal copulation).

These appetites and desires will manifest as the dog’s nature is fed. Romans chapter 1 shows a road to degradation that leads to a reprobate mind. A reprobate mind causes the person to become alienated from God. God considers the reprobate mind an abomination. When we are an abomination to the Lord, we are excluded from being a part of his congregation.

The end goal of these dog spirits is to cause the children of God to be excluded from the congregation of God. Outside of the Gate of heaven with them. Scripture warns us about those who are outside of the gate. 

  • Revelation 22:15AMP Outside are the dogs [the godless, the impure, those of low moral character] and the sorcerers [with their intoxicating drugs, and magic arts], and the immoral persons [the perverted, the molesters, and the adulterers], and the murderers, and the idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices lying (deception, cheating). 

God wants to deliver us from uncleanness which is a work of the flesh Gal 5. As the blood of Jesus washes us, we are made into a new image in Christ Jesus. Our old nature/ways will pass away. To be delivered from this demonic dog spirit, we need to repent, turn our face to God and not our backs. Don’t allow shame, guilt, and condemnation to pull you away from God; instead, continue to draw near to Him and confess your sins. 

1st John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

  • **Don’t give what is Holy to Dogs** Matthew 7:6 “Do not give that which is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, for they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.
  • **As we draw near to God, he will make a difference between his children and the world** Exodus 11:7, But not even a dog will threaten any of the Israelites, whether man or animal, so that you may know [without any doubt] and acknowledge how the Lord makes a distinction between Egypt and Israel.’ ‘

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God Bless You All!!

~Tanicia P.

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5 thoughts on “The spirit of a Dog

  1. This was a good teaching and I’m really going to be praying concerning this spirit and the spirit of perversion in general. It can truly creep in so subtly. I’ve had my own battles with it for sure.
    I’m going to check out some of the resources you listed at the bottom. Thanks for sharing ❤️


  2. Good teaching. I’m going to pray concerning this spirit and the spirit of perversion in general. It’s a real tough battle overcoming perversion and walking in purity.
    I’m gonna check out some of those resources you listed. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes, we should target the spirit of perversion that seems to be the root! I’m praying against this spirit as well. You’re right. It’s tough to overcome, but God gives us the strength and grace to overcome sexual impurity through the blood of Jesus Christ! Keep fighting 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for this post, Tan! I was just telling my son several days ago not to refer to himself as a dog. He seems to think it is a good thing, but I told him dogs are unclean and they like to sniff around the genitals of other dogs and in unclean places. I’m gonna share this post with him, so he can have a better explanation as to what I was telling him.


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