This site is not affiliated with any denomination; this is A place for the remnant and those who are seeking the truth. We are here to provide resources, Bible studies, sermons, and blog posts to equip the brethren and also draw in the lost. In these end times, we will need to be prepared to stand during great darkness.

It is my prayer that you will be exhorted, equipped and encouraged to continue in the Lord. Most importantly, it is my prayer that those who are NOT born again will repent, and begin A relationship with our loving Savior who laid down his life for the world. Jesus is soon to Return let us keep our lamps full!

Please consider supporting our end-time work. Please view the video presentations for Dunamis Tabernacle and check out our bible-studies on omegaministries.org If you’d like to support please click on support, and donate on the omegaminisitries website.We appreciate your time. Dunamis Tabernacle Presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3eAnPjAkTI

Please send all questions & prayer requests to ministryoftruth41@gmail.com

God Bless~


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