The Organic Gospel

My Book Review: This book has been A blessing in my walk with Christ. It explains how the gospel is organic and how GOD wants to grow his nature within us. Being born again is A radical experience; the book of Romans makes it clear that we have two natures at war within us. This war starts when we are born again. I recommend this book; especially for those who are not only focused on doing the will of GOD, but becoming the will of GOD. Please visit the website below to purchase the book.

Jezebel: Seducing Goddess of War

My Book Review: I’ve recently completed this book, and it enlightened me about the Jezebel spirit. This spirit seeks to cut off the prophets of GOD (just like she did in the bible.) It is a seducing spirit, fatherless, and hates patriarchy. After reading this book, I have determined to seek and destroy any influencing factor this spirit has in me so I can stand against this spirit in those around me. I believe our end-time battle will be with the spirit of Jezebel & Ahab we must prepare now to stand against these forces. You can purchase this book on Amazon.