#BookExcerpt For upcoming book

BookExcerpt For upcoming book

The shame and guilt from our sin can cause us to mask our identity and live in a fake reality. Living in a simulated reality is like living in a matrix; the Devil’s matrix is a world filled with lies, deception, and unreality.

Instead of facing the truth, we begin to opt for fantasy. Which always leads to a spirit of fantasy lust. A spirit of fantasy lust causes us to be unhappy with reality. It drives our minds to escape to the realm of fantasy.

Escaping to this place, we begin to find pleasure in what makes us feel good, whether it’s Romance novels, soap operas, pornography, sports, video games, food, shopping, sexual sin, or religious fantasy. We begin to find comfort in the Devil’s matrix to escape the truth which causes us to hide from God.

This was an excerpt from “Gods Celestial Network” Stay Tuned!

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