God is faithful. He is willing to show us the spiritual root behind our issues. In this season, he has developed more of his nature within me. As an intercessor, God has opened my eyes to see the root of many problems. Recently, I began to pray about witchcraft. Now, I always pray against witchcraft powers and the devil’s kingdom. However, God began to show me how rejection is the spiritual root that drives many people into the occult. In this teaching, I desire to show how rejection and abandonment can lead to rebellion, causing people to become susceptible to witchcraft. 

Rejection defined: Rejection occurs when a person or group excludes an individual and refuses to acknowledge or accept them. Abandonment is a similar term, meaning deserting someone, leaving, and never returning. Rejection gives a sense of being unwanted. 

 β€’ Rejection in children can come from their Mother or Father, siblings, or in the womb. 

 β€’ Feelings of Rejection also can arise from emotional or physical abandonment by friends or family or close relations such as a parent or a spouse

When we are rejected or abandoned at any point in our lives, some of our outward manifestations will include: Self Rejection, Hurt, Deep Hurt, Bitterness, Unforgiveness, lust (a false love), fantasy lust (a fantasy mind), low self-esteem, anger, Pride (a spirit that compensates for rejection), envy, jealousy, striving, competition, Inferiority, Covetousness, withdrawal or isolation, whoredoms, perfectionism, attention-getting, control, independence, defensiveness, and hardness. In addition, seeking approval and validation from others.

Cain and Abel Gen 4:8 The rejected sacrifice

“Eve gave birth to Cain and Abel, Abel kept the flock of sheep and goats, but Cain cultivated the ground. Cain brought the Lord an offering from the fruit of the ground. Abel brought an offering of the finest firstborn of his flock and the fat portions. God accepted Abel’s offering, but he rejected Cain’s offering. Cain was extremely angry, and his face became annoyed and hostile. The rejection opened the door to the Spirit of anger which ultimately led to murder.”

Genesis 4:6-8 AMP And the Lord said to Cain, “Why are you so angry? And why do you look annoyed? If you do well [believing Me and doing what is acceptable and pleasing to Me], will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well [but ignore My instruction], sin crouches at your door; its desire is for you [to overpower you], but you must master it.” Cain talked with Abel his brother [about what God had said]. And when they were [alone, working] in the field, Cain attacked Abel his brother and killed him.

Cain’s rejected sacrifice caused anger in his heart, which ultimately led to murder. If rejection lies dormant for a long time, we can begin to murder others either with our tongues or physically. Remember, hurting people always seek to harm others either intentionally or unintentionally.

Rejecting the word of God can lead to rebellion; if we refuse to obey God and reject his commands, this opens the door to witchcraft this is what happened to King Saul.

1 Samuel 15:3 AMP (my emphasis added) “God commanded King Saul to Now go and strike Amalek and completely destroy everything that they have; do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.

1 Samuel 15:9 AMP “Saul and the people didn’t obey God.” Instead, Saul and the people spared Agag and the best of the sheep, the oxen, the fatlings, the lambs, and everything good. They were unwilling to destroy them entirely, but they destroyed everything that was undesirable or worthless completely.

When Samuel confronted Saul, he warned him how his disobedience was the same as the sin of witchcraft. This story shows how Saul’s rebellion caused him to become rejected.

  • 1 Samuel 15:23 KJV For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the Lord, he hath also rejected thee from being king.

As we look at the outward workings of Rejection & Rebellion, we notice how these two strongmen work together to draw us into the flesh. Gal 5:19 reminds us that witchcraft is a work of the flesh.

Rebellion defined: Rebellion is opposition to authority. Rebellion can become violent, as in “an armed rebellion broke out in the city,” but it can also remain unexpressed. Rebellion always begins in the heart.

The negative fruit of rebellion can manifest in several ways. Some of the signs of rebellion are: Control, possessiveness, stubbornness, witchcraft, hatred, anger, resentment, murder, unforgiveness, retaliation, paranoia, bitterness, hurt, and rejection. 

Further reading in 1st Samuel reveals that as Saul rejected the Lord’s word, he forfeited his place as king because he rebelled against authority. In Saul’s case, he disobeyed and rebelled against God’s command. 

In 1 Samuel 28:3-35, following Samuel’s death, Saul, being separated from the counsel of Samuel and not receiving an answer from God, caused him to seek the guidance of a witch. His fear of the Philistine army caused him to inquire of the Lord; when no answer came, he sought counsel from a medium, the Witch of Endor. Unfortunately, his rejection of the word led to rebellion, which caused him to be rejected as king, resulting in witchcraft. 

Witchcraft is traditionally the exercise or invocation of supernatural powers to control people or events. Practices typically involve sorcery or magic. The goal of witchcraft is to dominate, intimidate, manipulate or control. 

  • Domination: Have a commanding influence on; exercise control over.
  • Intimidation: Frighten or overawe (someone), especially making them do what they want.
  • Control: The power to influence or direct people’s behavior or the course of events.
  • Manipulation: The attempt to sway someone’s emotions to get them to act or feel a certain way. Manipulators have common tricks they’ll use to make you feel irrational and more likely to give in to their requests.

The Spirit of rejection will cause hurt, trauma, and bitterness in people’s hearts to lead them into further rebellion. Witchcraft is the controlling force people will automatically use to ensure they are never hurt again. 

For example, a young lady who has a continual cycle of failed relationships will begin to control her environment to ensure no one will ever hurt her again. The root of rejection caused the bitterness and hatred in her heart, and as a result, she will be open to rebellion. When placed in such a scenario of being rejected or abandoned, she will have a desire to exercise control and attempt to influence the behavior of others so that the wound which came in through rejection will never be exposed again. 

Her initial hurt caused rebellion, and the result was witchcraft. When this happens, the hurt person can fall into operating in witchcraft either knowingly or unknowingly.

Blind Witches: This person will unknowingly begin to work in the flesh using the controlling power of witchcraft to get their own will or objective accomplished. They aren’t aware that they are using the power of witchcraft to get their desired result. 

Skilled Artifice Witches: The other witch is considered a skilled artificer, which means they work daily to perfect their “craft.” Through control, manipulation, and intimidation, they begin to use: 

  • Crystals
  • Charms
  • Talisman
  • Good luck charms
  • Burning sage
  • Lighting witchcraft candles etc.

Their witchcraft is done knowingly to get their desire. Their intent is selfish, and it’s all about selfish ambition. The witches use these devices to obtain positive energy around them. They’re consistently complaining about negative vibes and negative energy, aiming to manipulate their atmosphere to get positive vibes. It is all a deception from the Father of lies Satan, positivity and peace is only found in Jesus.

Purity of Love: Matthew 3:10 And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: therefore every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. ‘

Rejection is a root spirit; we must deal with the root if we desire to see others set free from rejection. We must address the sins under the surface; the problems will continue if the root isn’t dealt with. It takes the gospel of Jesus Christ to deal with this root. The simple answer to Rejection is Love, pure love from a pure heart. 

  • 1 Peter 1:22 Seeing ye have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit unto unfeigned love of the brethren, see that ye love one another with a pure heart fervently: 

Keys to deliverance As we begin to notice this evil root of Rejection, God wants us to have our identity restored. The damage from the strongman of rejection has caused a misplaced identity. Our identity is found in Jesus.

We are complete in Jesus our forgiveness, healing, health, righteousness, and all we need is in Jesus. As we continue to grow in our walk with Jesus, He wants to deliver us from the strongman of rejection which will allow us to help others get set free.

In closing, it’s our prayer that you will accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and begin to acknowledge and repent of your sins. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you as you continue to meditate on the word of God, allowing your mind to be renewed by the word of God. 

We hope you enjoyed this teaching. God bless you, and comment below.

Naeemah R. & Tanicia P. 

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7 thoughts on “The Rejected Witch

  1. The spirit of rejection can be found almost everywhere there is vast hurt and pain we suffer at the hand of those who have been given authority over us
    Thanks for the spoken word
    God bless


  2. This post is absolutely relevant and timely. Today’s society is filled with rejected people who only know how to interact and relate through means of witchcraft. Thanks be to God who has provided another way, a better way, a true and living way; our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Thank you & may God bless you both richly Sis Tanicia & Naeemah

    Liked by 1 person

  3. When I read this part, ” If rejection lies dormant for a long time, we can begin to murder others either with our tongues or physically.” I immediately knew rejection had, and still to some degree, still has me. Thanks Tan and Naeemah for this post. I always wondered what issue I had that caused me to be so upset with my husband and think thoughts of murder/death towards him. A spirit of rejection was/is feeding those thoughts. While I never wanted to speak those thoughts out loud because I knew they were wrong, that spirit definitely ran/runs thoughts through my head. Now I know rejection is something that I absolutely have to pray against and ask Jesus to deliver me from it! I love y’all!


    1. Yes, it’s the strongman of rejection stay in your word and allow it to wash over you; God is faithful to deliver us from the Spirit of rejection. Love you too!


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