The following are notes from 1st John Chapter 1:

Vital Statistics (Life Application Study)

Purpose: To reassure Christians in their Faith and to counter false teachings.

Author: The Apostle John

Original Audience: The letter is untitled and was written to no particular church. It was sent as A pastoral letter to several Gentile congregations.

Setting: John was an older man and perhaps the only surviving apostle at this time. He has not yet been banished to the island of Patmos. Where he would live in exile. As an eyewitness of Christ, he wrote authoritatively to give this new generation of believers assurance and confidence in God and in their faith.


I. Personal eyewitness of the incarnation and providing reasoning for his writing (1:1-4)

II.God is light (Absolute Purity & Holiness) (1:5-7)

III. How to walk in the light and have continual fellowship with God (1:8-10)

The personal eyewitness of the incarnation and providing reasoning for his writing (1:1-4)

Teaching Points (Notes):

  1. That which was from the beginning” is Jesus Christ, he was not just A man, nor just A prophet; he is the Son of God who existed before the beginning of time (world), which means he is GOD the Son. John 1:1 
  1. As an eyewitness to Jesus’s ministry, John was qualified to teach the truth about Jesus. John had the privilege to see Jesus with his eyes and touch him with his hands. He had A real relationship with Jesus (He was one of the original disciples). 
  1. The life of Jesus was manifested (clearly apparent, revealed). Several witnesses had seen Jesus and can bear witness to this fact. 1 Corinthians 15 
  1. John is declaring to us the life of Jesus. That we may also have Fellowship (association, partnership) with God, the father, and his son Jesus Christ. (This is A distinguishing mark of A Born-Again Believer

Note: John makes A clear distinction between the father and son, which shows us they are one in unity, but not the same person. 

God is light (Absolute Purity & Holiness) (1:5-7) Teaching Points (Notes): Contrast Light and Darkness

  1. God is light, which means he is Holy, his message is real, and he is perfect in righteousness. In God, there is no darkness (no sin, no wickedness, no imperfection) at all. (John contrasts light against darkness those who walk in darkness are NOT born Again in fellowship with God).
LightDarkness (The Absence of Light)
PureImpure (defiled)
Morally GoodMorally bad
Spiritual DiscernmentBlinded
Led by the SpiritUnder the influence of Satan
Flee (Depart), Free from SinWalks in Sin
  • If we say, we are in fellowship (association, partnership) with GOD. Still, we walk in darkness (of sin, under the influence of Satan); we are liars. Which means we are not practicing the truth of God’s word. To “walk” in darkness is A continual thing, a habitual sin. In which we cannot have fellowship with God. Example: (Someone, who goes to church, says they are A Christian, but continues in sin) this makes this person A hypocrite. Which means, we are deceiving ourselves. 

If we walk in the light, which means (live each day in obedience to the word of God), as God is in the light, we will have A true unbroken (fellowship, association or partnership) with other believers. EPH 2:14 Most importantly, we will have fellowship with God. God will be with us in fellowship, and we will be with him, if we continue to walk in the light, the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin. 

How to walk in the light and have continual fellowship with God (1:8-10)

  1. Some people may believe they are “good” and have no need for A savior. These individuals are deceiving themselves; Jesus came into the world to save sinners and deliver us from our sin. Luke 5:32. We’ve all sinned, which is why we MUST BE BORN AGAIN! If we say we have no sin (refusing to admit we are sinners), we deceive ourselves & God’s truth (his word) does not live in our hearts.
  2. If we (willingly) admit that we have sinned and confess our sins (to God), he is faithful (true to his nature) and will forgive our sins and cleanse us continually (without stopping or interruption) from all unrighteousness (sin). God will cleanse us of everything that is not in agreement with God’s will and purpose for our lives.
  • We are called to confess our sins to God, (agree with God about our sinful nature)
  • Repent of our sin, which means to turn from our sin/wicked ways turn towards God (and walk in the light).
  • God will then forgive us of our sin, and cleanse us continually (without stopping or interruption). 2 Chr 7:14 
    1. But, if we say we have not sinned (refusing to admit or confess our acts of sin), we make God A liar. We are now contradicting God and his truth, which means we are liars. When we refuse to acknowledge our sinful nature, we disagree with God. How can two walk together unless they agree? Agree with God quickly to receive salvation and eternal life. 

Practical Application: Examine yourself in regards to God’s word, ask yourself, have you truly repented? Are you walking in light or darkness? Confess to God, and ask him to cleanse you of your sins.

Here is A good bible study which speaks about being “Blinded By The Light”

In Jesus Name,

Tanicia P.

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